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The Celest Catalyst and Neuromorphics Lab host Ericsson executives

For the second consecutive year, the Neuromorphics Lab, in collaboration with the CELEST Catalyst and Boston University School of Management, has hosted the 2012 lab tour from a large team of Ericsson executives.  Read More

CELEST Catalyst Hosts The Art of the Elevator Pitch and End of the Year Mixer

When: Friday, May 4th, 4-6pm

Where: The basement auditorium of the CompNet Building, 677 Beacon St, Boston MA.

We’ve all been there — that nerve-racking situation where you only have a few moments to sum up the entirety of your research, your contributions to a project, or even yourself as a person. It could be for a job or for a grant interview, or it could be part of a conversation at Christmas with your sweet aunt Mable in which she casually asks what you are doing with your life. In the dating world it is called a pick-up line; in business, it is the elevator pitch.

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Catalyst and BU’s Office of Technology Development to Hold Intellectual Property and Research Commercialization Workshop

On Thursday, March 22nd, CELEST Catalyst (, in collaboration with BU’s Office of Technology Development (, will be holding an Introduction to Commercialization and Intellectual Property Workshop with a special focus on the needs of neuromorphic technology, neuroscience, and computational research.
The event will take place in the Basement Auditorium, Room B02, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, at the CompNet Building, 677 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02215 Read More

π Day Celebration

Due to a massive power outage in downtown Boston, CELEST Catalyst, in collaboration with the Cognitive & Neural Systems Student Organization (CNSO), hosted a Pi Day Celebration on March 15th, instead of the 14th, making it more of a π + ε for a given δ Day. The festivities kicked off at 1:59 PM and 26.5 seconds. Pi Day was celebrated by the serving of four pies: salted caramel apple, bourbon chocolate pecan,  banana cream, and a gluten-free apple. Intense discussions took place covering topics such as the over pretentiousness of τ proponents and the if the mantissa of π, being infinite, contains all possible finite sequences of numbers.

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Startup Seeking Tech Savvy to Develop Sensor Platforms for the Neuroscience Research and Pharmaceutical Industry

Posting Date: February 27, 2012

Job Description: Candidate must be fluent in C with previous experience on 16-bit microcontroller platforms.  Ability to work independently and deliver project tasks on time is essential.  Familiarity with BlueTooth Low Energy (BT 4.0) and 8051 architectures are a plus. Candidate must love hacking hardware!

Company Information: We develop sensor platforms for the neuroscience research and pharmaceutical industry – our technology platform has been featured on Forbes, Engadget and Technology Review.  Needless to say, this is a position in a company with potential for major, rapid growth. We’re based in Inman Square, a 15 minute walk from the MIT campus.

Contact Information: Olivia van Nieuwenhuizen at


Catalyst Helping CELEST Members find Dream Opportunities

Catalyst Helping CELEST Members Find Dream Opportunities

CELEST Catalyst is dedicated to helping CELEST members with industry focused career goals have access to every opportunity to utilize their specialized skill sets and knowledge background to the fullest. Catalyst is constantly outreaching to new businesses, non-profits, commercial giants, and tech-savvy start-ups to find positions that CELEST members will find both rewarding and pertinent to the work they did while at CELEST. Keep an eye on the News and Events sites for new postings or head over to


Accurate Automation Robert Pap to Lead Catalyst Workshop on Winning SBIR/STTR Grants and Host Business Basics Round Table

Robert Pap, founder, President, and Chairman of Accurate Automation Corporation, and member of the CELEST External Advisory and Scientific Review Board, will be holding a Business Basics Round Table from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM Thursday February 9th, in the CELEST Meeting Room, 313, and running a workshop on winning SBIR/STTR grants from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM in the Basement Classroom, B03. Both events will take place at CompNet, Boston University, 677 Beacon Street, Boston MA 02215.

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Program Development Intern Joins Catalyst

Colin Galbraith, a graduate of the University of Notre Dame’s Engineering, Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship Masters program, has recently joined Catalyst as a Program Development Intern. Colin will be promoting Catalyst’s core goal of bringing industrial needs into and innovative technologies out of CELEST. To this end, Colin will be setting up a series of workshops addressing topics important to establishing and running a small business as well as working with faculty, staff, students, and industry partners to develop commercial avenues for the creation of technological applications arising from CELEST-funded research.

NL awarded a NASA Langley Center Innovation Fund (CIF)

The CELEST Neuromorphics Lab has been awarded a 2011 NASA Langley Center Innovation Fund (CIF). The joint work between NASA Langley and the lab will focus on the development of neuromorphic algorithms for vision and learning in unmanned aerial vehicles. The purpose is to train autonomous vehicles to avoid collisions in the airspace based on learning in realistic virtual environments. The goal of this CIF is to next realize neuromorphic hardware for integration in aircraft.

The Catalyst promotes a succesful NASA STTR awarded to Neurala and the CELEST Neuromorphics Lab

Neurala LLC and the Neuromorphics Lab have been awarded a 2011 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Program. The joint work will focus on the development of neuromorphic brains for autonomous robots dealing with unknown, potentially hostile environments.  Read More