• About Catalyst

    National Science Foundation

    CELEST Catalyst addresses the need for a centralized translation resource for all researchers and labs within the CELEST community. The Catalyst attempts to bring industrial needs into and innovative technologies out of CELEST in order to create a more synergistic environment between academia and industry and to ensure successful technology transfer of CELEST models and ideas read more.

    About Catalyst
  • Bridging Industry...

    There are numerous benefits for CELEST partners including direct access to CELEST talent, goodwill exposure in news stories, participation in CELEST research, continuing education, and networking opportunities with CELEST researchers read more.

    About Catalyst
  • ... and Academia

    Neuromorphic technologies such as whole brain decision making models powering robots and virtual agents, custom neuromorphic chip design, and autonomous navigation systems are at the forefront of CELEST’s technology developments read more.

    About Catalyst